Ipsy Review – October 2014


Ipsy is another one of my subscription boxes that I’ve started receiving monthly.  It contains five make-up items.  Most are a smaller sample size but you occasionally get full size items as well, and a cute make-up bag.  For $10 a month it really is a great deal!

The theme this month was “beauty candy,” and I received five items that I really enjoy.  The bag itself was cute, and I liked the color of it.  You get a small bag every month, so I’m thinking about using them to organize my make-up: lip gloss in one bag, eyeshadow in another, etc.  Here’s what was in my bag:


Star Looks Lipgloss – I really liked this.  I love lip gloss, and this one is a nice, neutral looking color.  It had a pleasant flavor and isn’t too thick.  The sample size we got was .3 oz., and I don’t know how big their full-size ones are, but I will guess that this is half the size, making it worth about $6.

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Best Months to visit Disney World

best months

I don’t claim to have been to Disney every month of the year.  Though I have been a number of times – in February, March, April, June, July, August, September, October, and December (okay, so almost every month!).  And even when a month has been promising in years past doesn’t always mean that it will that year.  But I see this question asked a lot, so I figured I’d list some of the pros and cons of visiting each month, based on both research and personal experience.  In my opinion, there are three major things to consider when deciding when to visit – crowds, weather, and price.  This list is not comprehensive of every single thing, but it’s some good things to consider for people new to visiting Disney.

January – After New Year’s, the parks are very empty.  This is a good time to go if you really want to avoid crowds.  On the downside, a lot of rides close around this time for refurbishment, so if there’s something you absolutely must ride be aware of this – Splash Mountain is almost always closed in January, for instance.  The weather tends to be mild, though it can get a bit cold or hot.  The only crowded times to look out for are marathon weekend (usually the resorts are much more crowded than the parks), and MLK weekend.  Prices are cheap for January due to the low crowds.

Long sleeves were necessary when we visited in February!

Long sleeves were necessary when we visited in February!

February – Similar to January in many ways, though it gets a little bit busier.  One weekend to absolutely avoid is President’s Day weekend.  I went last year during that time and it was crazy busy, not to mention that the prices for hotels and buffet meals go up.  The rest of February isn’t too bad.  The weekend of the Princess Half marathon can get busy as well.  Weather wise, February can be all over the place.  I’ve been when it’s 40 degrees and when it’s 85!

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