Wordless Wednesday: Disney in the Details

One of the things that truly makes Disney World so special is their amazing attention to details.  There are so many great things in the parks, but today I’m going to share just a few with you:

Splash Mountain is one of my favorite rides in WDW because there are so many little details on it.  I think I see something new every time I ride!


If you’ve never gotten the chance to go inside Disney’s Wedding Pavilion, you might appreciate this picture.  The stained glass in the windows is just beautiful, and perfect for a fairy tale wedding:


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Wordless Wednesday: the Disney letter V

The Disney letter V is our theme this week, and I admit there weren’t a ton of things that jumped into my mind!  But here’s what I came up with:

Victory!  I completed the Enchanted 10k, my first race longer than 5k:


Vanellope Von Schweetz:


Via Napoli:






Focused on the Magic

Wordless Wednesday: April Calendar Shot

Yay April!  I enjoy this month.  It’s my birthday month, for one!  And it finally starts to get a little warmer around here, which is so nice.  We took a trip to Disney last April and it was fantastic!  Here’s some of my April Calendar shots:

Spring nights in Epcot are so pleasant 🙂


April “showers”


My dad and I have birthdays three days apart, so we celebrated when we were down last April!




Focused on the Magic

Wordless Wednesday: The Disney Letter “U”

We’re up to the letter U – a little trickier than a letter like S or T!  But when I think of U, I think of Under the Sea.  So here are a few of my Disney World “Under the Sea” inspired pictures:

Ursula on the Under the Sea ride:



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Wordless Wednesday: Flowers and Gardens

Last year I got to attend the Flower and Garden festival at Epcot for the first time.  I absolutely loved it!  The flowers, the topiaries, and the food – all was amazing.  I hope I get to go back someday, but until then here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip:




Focused on the Magic

Wordless Wednesday: The Letter T

It’s time for the letter T!  And in Disney, T stands for…

Tower of Terror!  I rode this in December for the first time in years!  Conquered my fear and actually had quite a good time 🙂


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Wordless Wednesday: Disney Love

When I think about “Disney Love,” I of course think about my husband and I!  To start off with, I wanted to share a sweet story from last year’s Valentine’s Day.  I had planned a girls’ trip to Disney over President’s Day weekend, and it turned out that I would be leaving on Valentine’s Day.  A few days before he gave me a bouquet of roses, so I would have a few days to enjoy them.  Well, right before I left I noticed there were 11 roses instead of 12.  I thought it was a bit odd but didn’t say anything.  When I arrived in Disney that night I found this waiting in my hotel room:


It was the “missing rose”!  He had ordered something through Disney with a single rose and a box of chocolates.  I thought it was the sweetest thing, and very creative.  That’s my Prince Charming.  So in honor of him, here are some of my favorite photos of us together in Disney:

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Wordless Wednesday: February Calendar Shot

When the theme of the week is February Calendar shots, of course I had to go back and look at my pictures from my trip last February!  Here are a few of my favorites, that I think would look lovely on a calendar.  One from each of the 4 parks:


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