Bucket List: Meet all of the Disney Princes

bucket list - princes

One of the other items on my bucket list was to meet all of the Disney Princesses.  The Princes, however, are a lot harder to find.  Some of them pop up frequently enough to check off the list, and others are almost impossible.

Flynn Rider:

Though Flynn has technically become a prince since marrying Rapunzel, you won’t find him in Princely outfits!  A few years ago he was out doing meet and greets with Rapunzel, but ever since Merida took over that area you find Rapunzel on her own.  Rumor has it though that Flynn can still be found in Disneyland and Tokyo Disney, as well as on special occasions (like True Love week this past February).


Prince Naveen:

Tiana does regular meet and greets out in Liberty Square, and Naveen will sometimes be with her (though not on a consistent schedule).  He was still doing meet and greets there when I visited in June.  He also occasionally pops up in Disneyland Paris.



One of the easiest princes to meet, he does regular meet and greets in Adventureland with Jasmine.  You can also find him in Morocco in Epcot.

Jasmine hangs out with Aladdin in Adventureland.

Jasmine hangs out with Aladdin in Adventureland.

The Beast (Prince Adam):

The best way to secure a meeting with the Beast is to snag a reservation for dinner at Be Our Guest (though be ready to call on the 180 day mark because it’s hard to get!).  He also occasionally appears in France in Epcot.


Prince Eric:

If you’re on a quest to meet all of the Disney Princes, this one will probably be your toughest.  Eric doesn’t do meet and greets in the US parks.  I personally was lucky enough to have some cast member connections and get to meet him before the afternoon parade once!  But otherwise, your best bet is probably to visit Tokyo DisneySea…


Prince Phillip:

He’s another toughie to find.  In Disney World, the only chance I’ve seen was during the meet and greets for True Love week.  If Disney continues to do special character meet and greets everyone may have a better chance of getting them all.  He’s also very rarely been seen at Goofy’s Kitchen in Disneyland.  You’re more likely to find him in Paris or Tokyo, unfortunately.


Prince Charming:

Prince Charming is one that you can be sure to meet by getting a dinner reservation at 1900 Park Fare.  Otherwise, he can be tough to find around Disney World.


Snow White’s Prince:

Does this poor guy even have a name?  From the research I’ve done, your best chance at meeting him is at one of the Halloween Parties.


So the moral of the story is… it’s really tough to find most of the princes in Disney World!  For some reason, they are just not as popular as their girls.  Your best bet is to do some character dining where they will appear, or try to attend a special event that may have the Princes around.

How many of the Princes have you met?


5 thoughts on “Bucket List: Meet all of the Disney Princes

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    • Haha I am quite lucky to be married to my very own Prince Charming 🙂 But out of the Disney princes, I would have to say that Prince Naveen is probably my favorite! Though I’m a big fan of Flynn Rider too 😉

  2. If you go to the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, in Disney World, Most of the Princes are there. No Eric, because Ariel is in her Grotto and apparently Eric can’t swim… Also couldn’t find Belle and the Beast/ Prince Adam, but every other prince was there 🙂

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